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There is a phenomena which you could notice when you start going to college. Girls would become friends soon with those guys who have some girls around them. Hence, it is your problem of finding ways to attract girls. One way is to get best accessories with which you could look special among rest other boys. But, if your body structure and skin complexion is not that great then chances of girls coming close to you would merely not happen. This is when you would have to get disappointed and also overcome certain comments that are made by your own close friends. Also, there is a chance that girls who are after monetary benefits would be with you until you serve them all their needs and then eventually look for some handsome guy to patch up.

Girls cheating you for monetary benefits would be more painful than having no girls around you. But, your desire could be fulfilled with New York Asian escort who would be damn beautiful than your college girls. These beautiful girls would not cheat you but would not stay long which you should be prepared with. They would show affection and love on you without disappointing you. Of course, they might also be acting but you know this and hence the chances of you getting hurt once after they leave your place would be less.

So, with affection that escort or companion would show on you, you could get rid of your inferior complex and thus be able to move around freely with girls without having to fear about what they would think about you. You do your best and you leave about outcome to the time. Do not get attached to results only then you would be able to get connected with girls very soon. But, make sure that you are not being made a joker by your friends in front of girls.